BlackTrax projects can be visualized within BTWYSIWYG where fixture and Trackable interactions are simulated in the BTWYSIWYG virtual Space. Fixtures or Trackables that are selected in BlackTrax will be selected in BTWYSIWYG depending on the settings defined in the BlackTrax System Configuration widget. BTWYSIWYG, Motive, and BlackTrax must be open and running the project file for visualization to work correctly.

To visualize BlackTrax activity in BTWYSIWYG

  1. In BlackTrax, open the BlackTrax project file.
  2. In BTWYSIWYG LIVE mode, go to the BlackTrax panel.
    • Note: To open the BlackTrax panel if closed, choose BlackTrax from the Live menu.
    • Result: The BlackTrax panel appears on the right side of the BTWYSIWYG window.
  3. In the BlackTrax panel, select the BTX Mode checkbox.
  4. In the BlackTrax panel and with BlackTrax running, click Connect.
    • Result: Activity in BlackTrax will now be visualized in BTWYSIWYG.