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The View menu contains all docking widgets, both global and per view, view shortcuts, and common widget operations. If you are ever curious about what can be done/opened, the View menu should prove helpful.

Top Section

The top section of the View menu contains you're three core views (Live View, Edit View, Calibration Views), and Calibration Views' three sub-views (Fixture View, Frame Calibration View, and Sensor Calibration View). Clicking on one will take you to the selected view. Hovering over Calibration Views will give you access to the three sub-views.

Note: Access to the Sensor Calibration View menu is available only if the Legacy Mode checkbox in the Sensor section of the System Configuration widget is not selected. The Sensor Calibration view does not appear if the Legacy Mode checkbox is selected. The Legacy Mode checkbox is selected by default when BlackTrax opens for the first time. For more information on Legacy Mode, see Sensors Section in System Configuration.

Upper Middle Section

This section contains commonly used widget functions.

Switching to Full Screen Mode

The BlackTrax GUI can be displayed in full screen mode. You can hide the Windows interface and work directly on programming and tracking.

  1. From the View menu, choose Full Screen Mode or Windowed.
  • Tip: You may click the Enter(Exit) Full Screen Mode icon on the main toolbar or click F11.
  • Result: BlackTrax GUI switches to full screen mode from the default windowed mode, or BlackTrax GUI switches back to the default windowed mode from full screen.

Resetting All Views to Factory Defaults

If at any point you are not happy with the layout you have created, you may click Reset View to restore the GUI's views back to factory default.

  1. From the View menu, choose Reset View.
  • Result: Any custom views you have created (moved docking widgets, floated widgets to other screens, or changes the sizing of widgets) will be reverted to factory defaults.
  • Note: This will affect all views and cannot be undone.

Closing All Widgets

If you want to close all open widgets and just focus on the center pane in the GUI, you may use the Close All Widgets option.

  1. From the View menu, choose Close All Widgets.
  • Result: Any widgets currently open, including docked and floating on other monitors, will be closed.
  • Note: This will only affect the current view and cannot be undone.

Lower Middle Section

This section contains all global widgets, meaning anything you can open and access across all views. In this section you will find:

  • Beacon Patch
  • BTWYG Patch
  • Beacons
  • Messages
  • System Log

Note: Each widget remembers its location per view only. Meaning if you take Beacon Patch and move it to a second monitor in Edit view, then switch to Live view, Beacon Patch will reset to its last saved position in Live view (if no last saved position is available, it will revert to the factory default position).

Bottom Section

This section contains all per-view widgets, meaning each widget is only found in one view and cannot be shared between other views. In this section, per view, you will find:

Live View

  • Running Books (In Multi Book Projects)
  • Running Chapters
  • Modules
  • Trackable Details

Edit View

  • Edit Books (In Multi Book Projects)
  • Edit Chapters
  • Libraries
  • Fixture Settings
  • Chapter Settings
  • Trackable Settings
  • Undo Stack
  • Terminal

Sensor Calibration View (Legacy Mode not selected)

  • Sensor Groups
  • Sensor List
  • Sensor View

Fixture Calibration View

  • Fixture Calibration Control
  • Fixture Calibration Properties
  • Fixture Calibration Points

Frame Calibration View

  • Frame LEDs
  • Rigid Frame Construction