Using Calibration Data to Adjust Visualization in BTWYSIWYG

Once fixtures have their position calibrated in BlackTrax, this information can be used to improve visualization in BTWYSIWYG. The position of fixtures in BTWYSIWYG will change to the calibration locations, creating a more accurate visualization.

To use calibrated fixture positions in BTWYSIWYG

  1. In BlackTrax, open the BlackTrax project file.
  2. In BTWYSIWYG LIVE mode, go to the BlackTrax panel.
    • Note: To open the BlackTrax panel if closed, from the Live menu, choose BlackTrax Panel.
    • Result: The BlackTrax panel appears on the right side of the BTWYSIWYG window.
  3. Select the BTX Mode checkbox.
  4. Click Connect.
  5. Select the Calibrated Fixture Position checkbox.
    • Result: The position of fixtures in BTWYSIWYG changes to reflect the calibration data created in BlackTrax.

Note: For information about calibrating fixtures, see Fixture Calibration.