When BlackTrax launches for the first time, the BlackTrax Splash Screen appears while BlackTrax is preparing to load, and then the Portfolio Manager window opens. In the Portfolio Manager window, you can add a new portfolio which stores the BlackTrax, BTWYSIWYG and Project History backup files.

A project is launched from the Portfolio Manager and opens into Edit view. How the Portfolio Manager is subsequently displayed at startup depends on the Open most recent Portfolio when BlackTrax starts setting in the System section of System Configuration (enabled by default).

Before the Edit view and the other views of BlackTrax are explained, we will first define the options in Portfolio Manager and describe the various parts of the user interface.

The Splash Screen upon launch of BlackTrax

PorfolioManager Splash

The Portfolio Manager upon opening


The Default state of the BTGUI upon opening 


Attention: If a License issue is detected, the License Folder button appears on the Portfolio Manager. Click the License Folder button to open the license Folder in the File Explorer window.

PortfolioManager Nolicense