Text Conventions

The following text conventions are used in this wiki:

  • Instructions titles appear in Bold and Orange. For example, "To view a BTCamera’s video feed in the visible spectrum"
  • Menus and menu commands appear in Bold and Navy. For example, “To open the window if closed, go to the View menu and click Cameras.”
  • User interface elements such as buttons, tools, shortcuts, and dialog boxes appear in Italics and Medium Blue. For example, “To close the project, click Yes.”
  • Keyboard keys are indicated in CAPITALS AND BLUE. For example, “To call up the save menu, enter in the command CTRL+SHIFT+B.”
  • References to manuals appear in Italics Underlined in Blue. For example, “For an in depth understanding on BTWYSIWYG and its capabilities, please refer to the WYSIWYG Reference Guide.
  • Instructions to direct you to different features of the BTSystem or areas in the physical Space are indicated by being Green and Underlined. For Example “In the Physical Space, take the BTBeacon.”