System Section

The System section in the System Configuration widget is where system prompts can be toggled On or Off.

SystemConfigurationSystem2 5  System section

  • System: Toggle system prompts.
    • Enable confirmation prompts for System Changes: Select this checkbox to display a dialog box asking for confirmation to proceed when you click Apply Changes, toggle Normal Mode/Fixture Calibration Mode to switch modes, and click BTNet Active to disconnect from BTNet. The corresponding dialog boxes will not appear if this checkbox is not selected.
    • Open most recent Portfolio when BlackTrax starts: Select this checkbox to open BlackTrax with the last Portfolio that was opened, or clear this checkbox to open the Portfolio Manager when opening BlackTrax.
      • Note: The Open most recent Portfolio when BlackTrax starts feature is disabled when a license check fails while opening the Main GUI of BlackTrax.
    • Automatically Apply Changes when BlackTrax starts: Select this checkbox to enable BlackTrax to apply changes automatically when it starts, with Tracker, Follower, and Monitor running. This checkbox is unchecked by default.
      • If BTWYG is set to launch with the BlackTrax Portfolio, then BlackTrax applies the changes only after the BTWYG connection is complete.
      • If all modules are not running when BlackTrax starts, Automatically Apply Changes when BlackTrax starts does not activate.
    • Auto Save Project every (minutes): Select this checkbox to enable, and set the duration of Auto Saving of the .btprj associated with a Portfolio. Auto Save can happen anywhere from 5 minute to 30 minute intervals, and the timer is activated by editing changes in the BlackTrax GUI.
    • Launch BTWYG file with Portfolio: Select this checkbox to open the BTWYG file associated with the launched Portfolio at time of launch.
    • Auto Select for Fixture Groups: Select this checkbox to have fixtures in a Fixture Group be selected automatically in the Libraries Widget when selecting a group from the Group drop-down list. 
    • Enable vertical fixture pan lock: Select this checkbox to prevent the pan range of a fixture from moving when a fixture is within 5 degrees of its "Home" or 0,0 position. This prevents the fixture from moving sporadically when performing chapter fades, but does result in slightly less accurate tracking when standing directly below the fixture.