System Log

The System Log widget displays system information about the BlackTrax project. The various features of the system log are:

  • Enable Logging: Select this checkbox to log all events in System Log widget.
  • Log Data: Select this checkbox to record all data transmitted. Used primarily for debugging purposes.
  • To File: Select this checkbox to save the System Log to C:\bt_run_time.
  • Auto Scroll: Select this checkbox to automatically scroll to the latest event when it is created in the System Log.

Note: If logging data To File is enabled, you may accumulate Gigabytes of data in a single day of use. We recommend that the log file is removed periodically to conserve BTSystem memory.


To set the system log as a separate window

Double-click the System Log heading.

Result: The System Log window appears as a separate window.

To reattached the system log window to BlackTrax

In the System Log window, on the top right of the window, click Attach.

Result: The System Log window reattaches to the main widget.