Soft Frames


Soft frames are designed to be objects whose shape can be flexible, such as a person or inflatable object. Soft frames need a single LED assigned in order for a solution to be created for the frame. There is no limit to the number of LEDs that can be assigned to a soft frame. If at any point less than 1 LED is visible for the specific frame, then tracking will stop. This section outlines the creation of a soft frame.

Creating a Soft Frame

Create a soft frame in the Body Frames widget. First, assign an ID to the frame. 

To assign an ID to a frame

  1. Enter a numerical ID for the frame in the Frame ID box (Beacon ID) at the bottom of the Body Frames widget.
  2. On the drop-down list, click Soft Body.
  3. Click the green button.
  • Result: The Soft Frame is created and added to the list in the Body Frames widget.

Once the frame is created, you may double-click and type a new name on the default name cell, and click Enter. By default, a Soft Frame is given a name of 'SF(ID)'. You must click Apply Changes after a name change.

Assigning LEDs to a Soft Frame

Assign LEDs to a soft frame by dragging individual beacons from the global Beacons widget to the Frame LEDs widget with a soft frame selected in the Body Frames widget. The order of the LEDs for a soft frame does not matter because all soft frames are tracked at the centroid of the frame.

Soft Frame LED  

Constructing the Frame

Once the LEDs have been assigned, the frame can be initialized and the solution can be calculated. Click the Apply Changes button in the Rigid Frame Construction widget to initialize and calculate the solution. This will change the status of all current frames with LEDs assigned to them from "Done" to a list of the LEDs that have not yet appeared (visible to the tracking system). This will send all ready frames to the global Beacons widget(s), and allow them to be assigned to a trackable. The Reset All Frames button will not affect soft frames. The centroid of a soft frame cannot be set as the centroid is constantly being re-calculated based on the position of the LEDs that the frame is made up of.

Soft Frame COnstruction