Server Failover

In the event a user needs to switch from their main BT Server, to a backup BT Server, the following procedure should be followed.

Note: Users should keep a backup of their related show files in the event they need to switch servers during operation. Users can easily do this using BTBackup on their servers, or by manually copying the files to a USB stick. 

  1. Only 1 instance of Motive, as well as BTEngine should be present on the network at any given time. Therefore, the backup server should not have these modules open, or be disconnected from all networks until needed.
    • The BlackTrax GUI, and BTWYG can be opened, with their files loaded on both servers at the same time.
  2. In the event of needing to switch servers, ensure the main BTServer has been disconnected from it's associated networks.
  3. On the Backup server, Launch Motive, with the correct file.
  4. In the BTGUI launch BTEngine and Apply Changes.

From this point the show should be running as expected from the Backup Machine. Optionally, users could have all modules and files running on the Backup Machine, with it completely disconnected from all networks until the time of failover.