Sensors Section

The Sensors section in the System Configuration widget is where you activate and configure Noise Filter, Pixel threshold, and Legacy Mode settings.

SystemConfigurationSensors2 5 Sensors section

  • Noise Filter: Determines if the point is valid or not by using a probability algorithm to determine how likely a point would be. For example, if Beacon 1, LED 2 is seen in the same spot for 100 frames, but it then appears for one frame 10m away (typically caused by IR noise), then the filter tosses that single frame away and continues to track the real LED. As the system does not have a concept of 'real' and 'fake', the system uses a history to determine the 'real' LED. This means that in rare cases, noise may pass through the outlier filter if the noise is consistent, such as a reflection. There are other tricks to mask out reflections and to trim out extra parts of the tracking area. Please see Motive reconstruction bound settings for more information.
    • Enable: Select this checkbox to activate the noise filter.
    • Minimum covariance: Click this scroll box to set how 'wide' or 'narrow' the range of noise suppression. Minimum covariance affects a higher tolerance of points in a given spectrum.
    • Maximum z-square score: Click this scroll box to set how 'wide' or 'narrow' the range of noise suppression. Maximum z-square score affects a wider tolerance of points in a given spectrum.
    • Maximum iterations: Click this scroll box to set the maximum number of repetitions per frame the same data point is analyzed to determine the noise level. The range to this field is from 0 to 1000, and the default is 150.
      • Tip: The easiest way to adjust the outlier filter is to increase or decrease the Minimum covariance and then click Apply Changes. There is a large range that you may use, so it is best to step the field by either +0.1 or -0.1 each time to see if the noise becomes better or worse.
  • Legacy Mode: If the Legacy Mode checkbox is not selected, Sensor settings, Focusing, and Tracking will happen within BlackTrax. The Legacy Mode checkbox is selected by default, where you interact with Motive in the same way as the previous versions of BlackTrax (BlackTrax Version 2.4 and earlier).
    • Notes:
      • You need to reboot BlackTrax and Motive when switching between Legacy and Non-Legacy modes as configuration and sensor calibration are reset.
      • When you disable Legacy Mode, a confirmation/warning dialog box appears if the Enable confirmation prompts for system changes checkbox is selected in the System section.
  • Pixel threshold: Click this scroll box to set minimum brightness value of the sensor(s) output image in bits. When sensors are in tracking mode, only the pixels with brightness values greater than the configured value are captured and processed, and all other pixels below the brightness level are filtered out. Only the clusters of pixels along the threshold are filtered to be considered for stringer reflections.
    • Note: 
      • We do not recommend Pixel threshold values lower than the default 200 to prevent false reconstructions and noise in the data.
      • The Pixel threshold option appears only when Legacy Mode is not selected.