Sensor View Focusing Mode

CenterAreaFocusing2 5  

When the Sensor Calibration View is in Focusing mode or RAW Mode:

  • BTSensors are set to minimum quality MJPEG.
  • BTSensors are set to Visible Spectrum.
  • BTSensors display a grayscale image output.
  • Exposure and Gain settings can be configured.
  • Real-time tracking data is not processed.
  • Motion Control icon on the Status Bar turns red indicating that the system is not ready to receive real-time motion.
  • Motion animation is available.

To switch to Focusing mode

  1. On the center pane of Sensor Calibration View, click the Focusing button.
    • Result: The warning dialog box appears if you entered Focusing mode for the first time. This message will not appear again until BlackTrax is restarted.                                                     WarningFocusing2 5  
  2. On the warning dialog box, click OK.
    • Result: 
      • The Sensor Calibration View switches to Focusing mode.
      • The Motion Control icon on the Status Bar turns red.