Replacing a BTBeacon's Lithium-Ion Battery

BTBeacon Lithium-ion Battery Overview

After extensive use the lithium-ion battery in a BTBeacon may no longer operate and be unable to power the BTBeacon. The lithium-ion battery’s life cycle is at its end if the lithium-ion battery will not hold a charge and the BTBeacon will not power on. When this occurs, it is recommended that the lithium-ion battery inside the BTBeacon be carefully replaced with a new lithium-ion battery.


  • Only use lithium-ion batteries supplied by CAST. It is recommended that batteries be changed once a year to ensure optimal performance.
  • The following are required when replacing a BTBeacon’s battery:
    • Replacement battery
    • 3/8” Hex key
    • Adhesive tape

To replace a BTBeacon’s battery

  1. On the BTBeacon, hold down the red Power button for 2 seconds.
    • Result: The BTBeacon will power off. No lights on the unit will be on.
  2. Turn the BTBeacon over. Using a hex key, remove the 3/8” screws holding the case together.
  3. Carefully separate the two halves of the BTBeacon case. There is a ribbon cable connecting the motherboard in one half of the case, to the lithium-ion battery in the other half of the case.
  4. Disconnect the ribbon cable from the motherboard.
  5. The lithium-ion battery is attached to the case with adhesive tape. Gently remove the battery free from the case.
    • Attention: When removing the battery, use soft tools and take care to not puncture or damage the battery casing.
  6. Properly dispose of the old battery.
  7. Take a new battery and adhere it to the inside of the case.
    • Note: The adhesive tape must be heat resistant to function properly.
  8. Connect the ribbon of the new battery to the motherboard.
  9. Join the halves of the BTBeacon case and close the unit.
  10. Fasten screws to the back of the BTBeacon case, sealing it.
  11. Press the Power button down.
    • Result: The lights of the BTBeacon will flash and the unit will turn on. The BTBeacon’s battery has successfully been replaced.

Open Case  Opening the case to remove the battery

Disconnect Ribbon Cable  Disconnecting the ribbon cable

Add Tape  Adding new double sided tape, and insert new battery

Ribbon Cable Reconnecting the ribbon cable

Open Case  Closing the case