Record Tracking and Lighting Data

This feature enables BlackTrax to automatically record tracking and lighting data in the form of packets while receiving incoming tracking data from Motive. This data will save in the C:\bt_run_time folder as a .rec file. The recording can be played back in the Cue application.

To start/stop record tracking and lighting data

  1. On your keyboard, click the shortcut Ctrl+R once to start recording.
    • Result: Tracking and Lighting Data starts recording automatically and the status bar displays the record icon.                                                                                                            Record Icon Record icon
  2. Click the shortcut Ctrl+R again to stop the recording.
    • Note: Three files are saved in C:\bt_run_time.
      1. Motion data: Tracker-N
      2. Radio data: Tracker-R
      3. RTTrPL packets: Follower-L                                                                          Recordfiles Sample files saved in C:\bt_run_time