Patching DMX Universes to a Console

BlackTrax requires that the patching information of the connected console be recorded in BTWYSIWYG. This will inform BlackTrax which console is in use and which ports will transmit information.

When a new BTWYSIWYG project is created from BlackTrax, DMX universes are automatically created and patched 1:1 by default.

You can also patch the DMX universes to a DMX console in the Device Manager window in BTWYSIWYG.

Note: The DMX console used in BlackTrax and displayed in the Device Manager window in BTWYSIWYG is an sACN device. This device will also work with Art-Net without any changes.

To patch the DMX universe to a console

  1. In BTWYSIWYG LIVE mode, from the Managers menu, choose Device Manager.
    • Result: The Device Manager window appears.
  2. In the Device Manager window, click New.
    • Result: The Library Selection window appears.
  3. Navigate through the console library until you find the console or device that you are connecting to. Click the console name to highlight it.
  4. Click Insert.
    • Result: The console appears in the Device Manager window.
  5. With the console name still selected, click Properties.
    • Result: The Properties window appears.
  6. From the Protocol drop-down list, select the protocol used by the console.
    • Result: The console model is displayed in the Model field. The name of the console is displayed in the Name field.
  7. In the Address field, type the designated address of the console, if applicable.
  8. You must bind output ports from the console to BTWYSIWYG patch universes. Bind a Port output to the appropriate universe by clicking the Universe field next to the output.
    • Result: A drop-down list of available Universes is displayed.
  9. Select the appropriate Universe from the list.
  10. Repeat the above steps to bind all ports to their appropriate patch universes.
  11. Click Close to close the Properties window.
  12. Click Close to exit the Device Manager window.
    • Result: BlackTrax will know which console will be connected and which ports will transmit information

Device Manager Device Manager with an Art-Net device and a BlackTrax console

Device Manager ArtNet Art-Net Device Properties with patched universes