Optional View Settings

Because every Space is different, there are certain BTSensor settings that will be unique. This section  provides guidelines on certain Motive settings which will create an accurate tracking environment.

Adding a Reticle to BTSensor Views in Motive 2 and 2.2

A reticle (cross-hair) can be added to all BTSensor views to aid in aiming and position.

Note: When you use the aim-assist feature on a BTSensor, the reticle is automatically toggled On for that BTSensor.

To add a reticle to all BTSensor views

  1. In Motive, change the layout to Aiming preset. From the Layout menu, choose Aiming.
    • Tip: You may click the drop-down box at the right-hand side of the main toolbar and click Aiming from the drop-down menu of layout presets.
  2. On the Application Settings window, click the Views tab.
  3. On the Views tab, click the 2D Display Options heading to open the 2D Display Options section.
  4. In the 2D Display Options section, click the Reticles drop-down menu and click True.
    • Result: Reticles are displayed on all connected BTSensor views in Motive.
    • Tip: When you are on the Multi-Camera 2D View, you may click the Visual Options icon and select the Reticles menu to enable.