Multi-Person Calibration

Multi-Person Fixture Calibration is a feature of BlackTrax, which allows any number of people to simultaneously calibrate a group of fixtures.

FixturesGroup Fixtures table

Assigning Beacons

When calibrating fixtures, you can assign individual beacons either by group, or on an individual basis. In the Fixture Table, you can right-click a fixture's Assign Beacon column and select Assign Beacon, or select multiple fixtures and select the Assign Beacon button at the top of the table. In this window, you can assign a beacon to your selection of fixtures. Repeat this process as many times as you have individual beacons you wish to use to calibrate all of your fixtures. 

Active Status

In the Fixture Table, each Fixture has one of the following options as an associated calibration status, represented in the Active Status column. 

  • InactiveFixtures display this status if not assigned a beacon, and not calibrating, or waiting to calibrate.
  • Queued: Fixtures display this status if assigned a beacon for calibration, but currently not being calibrated. These Fixtures follow the beacon without intensity.
  • Calibrating: Fixtures display this status if assigned a beacon for calibration, with intensity at full, and currently being calibrated.