The Motive module is used to manage and control BTSensors. Motive is part of the BlackTrax software suite that is already installed on the BTServer and is ready for you to use. The following section will guide you through specific steps on how to use Motive to configure BTSensors to work in the Space and function with the BTSystem.

Note: If you are using BlackTrax 2.5 in non-Legacy Mode, see the section Coming from Motive - Controlling Sensors in BlackTrax to manage and control BTSensors from within BlackTrax.

Attention: Users should only install versions of Motive included in BlackTrax System Update packages. Failure to do so could result in your BlackTrax system not functioning correctly.

The Motive splash screen appears upon launch and it will display a notification if the Motive license is about to expire or if the Motive license has expired or if the Motive license is not found. Motive will still run with an expired license if the version was released at any time before the license expired. 

If your license is expired, please contact BlackTrax Support.

Motive opens and ready for use.

2.2 update