The Messages widget is where the history of error warnings and status updates of the state of the system are displayed.

By default, the Messages widget will auto hide from view after 5 seconds of display. You can toggle on or off the auto hide in the Messages widget.

The Messages widget will appear whenever there is a change to the state of the system, or an error has occurred. As an alternative, you can manually open the widget by selecting the speech bubble on the Status Bar.

The Messages widget can be set to appear only when a warning or error message has been generated. In this mode, the color of the Messages Icon on the Status Bar turns blue when information is added to the Messages widget.

Messages Messages widget

To disable auto hide

  1. In the Messages widget, clear the Auto Hide checkbox.
  2. Click OK.
  • Note: Clicking the OK button will hide the Messages widget manually.

To enable only appears for errors and warnings

  1. In the Messages widget, select the Only Appears For Errors and Warnings checkbox.
  2. Click OK.

To clear all information

  1. In the Messages widget, click Clear.
  • Result: The Messages widget will be cleared of all the information listed.