Menu Bar

BTMenu  BTGUI Menu Bar

The Menu Bar across the top of the GUI is where you will find access to all functions of the software. The different menu bars are:

  • File: Saving of projects, as well as updating BTWYG information. You can also export various functions such as fixture calibration data and a programming report.
  • EditUndo, Redo and Discard Changes can be found here.
    • Discard Changes will rollback changes made in the BlackTrax project to the last savepoint created. If no savepoint was created, the project will revert to as it was when originally opened.
  • View: All docking widgets for the current view can be found here as well as options to manipulate saved views. 
  • SettingsModify system and project settings.
  • Modules: Access to the various modules of the BlackTrax System, including BTEngine and BTWYG
  • HelpAbout information for your current release of BlackTrax and quick access to the License Folder.