Licensing Overview

BlackTrax includes a licensing security system to authorize hardware devices on the BlackTrax Network. Unrecognized devices on the BlackTrax Network are not compatible with the software. An unrecognized device is any device on the BlackTrax Network that was not sold directly to you by CAST Software.

A BlackTrax License will authorize the use of the BlackTrax system for a restricted number of output connections based on either RTTrPM Motion outputs or Lighting outputs that were purchased.

The number of output connections allowed for each type of License varies from a minimum of 1 output connection and up to a maximum of 12 output connections, or the non-restricted Unlimited License.

The number of output connections that is authorized with the BlackTrax License is indicated in the About BlackTrax dialog box.

AboutBlackTrax 1output  


  • The default License Folder location is: C:\bt_run_time\license. Licenses can be downloaded from the BlackTrax Members Only Downloader which can be found at this link.
  • You need to update your license if you have added new hardware devices to the network and received an error message in BlackTrax.
  • You need to upgrade your license if you want to add output connections for additional unicast outputs.


BlackTrax Licenses purchased before BlackTrax Release Version 2.5.2 will work in the following ways:

  • Unlimited Licenses will remain Unlimited.
  • BlackTrax Single Output Licenses will activate 1 RTTrPM Motion output.
  • BlackTrax Dual Output Licenses will activate 1 RTTrPM Motion output as well as Lighting outputs.

Please contact BlackTrax Support if you have any questions regarding your license and upgrading to BlackTrax 2.5.2 (or newer).