Layout of the BlackTrax GUI

The functions of BlackTrax are divided into three simple core views. You may customize how the GUI lays out the various toolbars and widgets to your liking, and as such, this documentation refers to the default layout of the GUI. Along the left of the window are the View toolbar and Sub-View toolbar where you may click and navigate to the different views. The views of BlackTrax are:

Live view

The Live view is where you monitor a BlackTrax project. From this view, you have the ability to manually switch between Chapters and Books or enable Chapter Control from a console. You can connect or disconnect BlackTrax modules to the system as well as view the current BTBeacon patch, data and their Trackables. You may choose which Trackables are displayed based on group, active chapter, or all available. Only the information that was saved and applied to the project is displayed in Live view.

Live View GUI 240 Live View 

Edit view

The Edit view is where you assign fixtures to follow Trackables and program your Chapters. An instance of fixtures and Trackable relationships is called a chapter. Chapters can be edited, saved and managed on this page. You can also create and manage Books. Books are collections of Chapters. You may control how a fixture follows a Trackable using Fixture Settings. Various fixture settings and how they connect to BlackTrax are managed from this view. 

EditView240  Edit View

Calibration view

The Calibration view is the parent of Calibration sub-views. Each sub-view offers settings and operations specific to the type of calibration. The sub-views available are Fixture Calibration view and Frame Calibration view.

Note: Calibration view in itself is not a view, but automatically defaults to the last active sub-view once clicked.

Sensor Calibration sub-view

Sensor Calibration view allows you to manage BTSensor settings within BlackTrax. From this view, you see the output from sensors (greyscale or 2d tracking info), control sensor settings, renumber sensors, manage sensor list and groupings, enter RAW Mode to focus sensors, and launch Motive sensor calibration.

Note: Access to the Sensor Calibration view is available only if the Legacy Mode checkbox in the Sensor section of the System Configuration widget is not selected. The Sensor Calibration view does not appear if the Legacy Mode checkbox is selected. The Legacy Mode checkbox is selected by default when BlackTrax opens for the first time. For more information on Legacy Mode, see Sensors Section in the System Configuration section.

Sensor Calibration View 252 Sensor Calibration sub-view

Fixture Calibration sub-view

Fixture Calibration view allows you to correct and adjust approved movable fixtures connected to BlackTrax, ensuring precision when following Trackables. Features of fixtures that can be calibrated are the pan and tilt settings and pan and tilt motor mapping (DMX to angle). The calibration profiles can be created, exported and imported for use as needed.

Layout Fix Cal 231  Fixture Calibration sub-view

Frame Calibration sub-view

Frame Calibration view allows you to create and edit Rigid Body and Soft Body Frames. A Frame is a collection of beacons and LEDs that form an object. From this view, you can construct, offset, and move the centroid and orientation of a Frame as well as rename them.

Layout Frame Cal 231  Frame Calibration sub-view