Known Issues in BlackTrax

Known issues with reference to BlackTrax 2.5.0 BETA :

  1. BTWYG may hang/crash if trying to fullscreen Shaded view on a second monitor.
  2. When removing Sensors from the Sensor List, a blank row may be left over until the Sensor Group selection is toggled.
    • Note: If a Sensor Group is attempted to be made based on one of these empty rows, BlackTrax will crash.
  3. If Sensors are renumbered when a Sensor is missing, the Main GUI might crash.
  4. If a Sensor with a lower serial number is added to a project after a higher serial number is connected, the Main GUI will crash.
    • The workaround is to either connect Sensors in sequential order or to connect all Sensors first before connectingto BTNet.
  5. Cue may crash if old recordings are played back.
  6. When starting Sensor Calibration from BlackTrax, Stage may not shut down fast enough for Motive to start up.
    • If this happens, Motive will tell you another instance is already running; please wait a few seconds and manually launch Motive to continue.
  7. After making a Trackable change and Applying Changes, tracking will momentarily stop for a few seconds and then resume.
  8. Changing the universe of a Fixture while it is actively tracking will not update its patch until a Chapter change.
  9. When using the new Set Home centroid feature, if the LEDs move since the first Set Home, it is required that Set Home is clicked twice for any additional centroid updates.

Known issues with reference to Motive 2.0.1 (applies to BlackTrax versions 2.4.3 and earlier):

  1. Visible Bounds will disappear from the 3D view if Windows is Locked.
    • The feature will still work. If you need to see the bounds, restart Motive to fix the issue.