The BlackTrax Device Manager is a software application where external hardware used in the BlackTrax system can be accessed and managed directly through a PC.

  • In the Device Manager, firmware can be uploaded to the Charging Stations, Sync Docks, Beacons, Mini Beacons, TimeKeepers and Routers.
  • The Device Manager works with Charging Stations and Sync Docks that are connected to the BlackTrax network.
  • Device Manager is connected and integrated to the BlackTrax Main GUI if running on the same PC.
  • Beacon and Trackable information will be shared between BlackTrax and Device Manager when connected and integrated.
  • Mini Beacons connected to a Sync Dock will send battery status information to BlackTrax Main GUI.
  • Device Manager can be launched from the Modules menu in BlackTrax.
  • Device Manager will appear in the Modules Status widget when connected to BlackTrax and will log connection status in Messages.

When Device Manager launches, it opens to the last used layout by default. When Device Manager opens for the first time, the Main Panel, Device Settings, Charging Stations and System Log widgets are displayed. The following section describes the various parts of the user interface.


Important Note: When uploading firmware, Device Manager will check if your TimeKeeper or Router can run the desired Firmware based on the version number of the current device.

  • If the TimeKeeper or Router is running a 2.x version, then Device Manager will not upload 3.x firmware.
  • The TimeKeeper or Router must run on an existing 3.x version for Device Manager to allow the device to be updated to 3.x firmware.