Hanging Moving Fixtures in BTWYSIWYG

If you want moving fixtures to follow a Trackable, you must place and hang the moving fixtures in BTWYSIWYG. When a moving fixture is placed in BTWYSIWYG, BlackTrax collects valuable fixture information such as the properties, range of capabilities, orientation and position in the venue.

Moving fixtures must be placed on the floor or hung onto pipes or trusses. The position and orientation of the fixtures in BTWYSIWYG must be close to their location in the actual Space for tracking to work correctly.


  • Calibration can resolve the fixtures' incorrect locations or backward orientation, but the calibration process is tedious. The fixtures in the actual Space should match their virtual fixture orientation and location to make calibration easier.
  • Library objects that are classified as moving lights are capable of following Trackables.

Tip: To keep fixture orientation consistent, make a note on the orientation of the fixture’s tail. This provides an accurate indication of the fixture's orientation.

Note: Read the WYSIWYG Reference Guide’s chapter on Hanging and focusing fixtures for a complete understanding on how to hang fixtures.

To insert fixtures in BTWYSIWYG

  1. In BTWYSIWYG CAD mode, at the bottom of the screen, click the Wireframe view tab.
  2. From the Library menu, choose Browse Library.
    • Result: The Library Browser window appears.
  3. At the bottom of the Library Browser click Fixture Tool.
  4. On the menu that is now visible, double-click Manufacturer to select fixtures by manufacturer name, Type to select by fixture type, or All to see all the fixtures in alphabetical order.
    • Note: Alternately, you can use the Library Browser's search function to locate the fixture that you want to insert. Simply type the name of the fixture (or a partial name) in the search box at the top of the Library Browser, and then click the Search icon.
  5. Double-click the fixture name.
    • Result: A fixture with default settings for this type attaches to the cursor.
  6. To change the properties of the fixture before inserting, in the Library Browser right-click on the fixture name. On the menu that appears, click Properties.
    • Result: A dialog box opens with a shaded view of the fixture on the left and an image of its symbol on the right. Change the properties as needed.
  7. To place the fixture, click over a hang structure.
    • Result: Copies of the fixture attaches to hang structures when clicked. Continue placing this type of fixture by clicking on the other hang structures as desired.
  8. Right-click to finish placing this fixture type. On the menu that appears select Finish placing fixtures.
    • Note: Alternately, clicking ESC will finish placing fixtures.
  9. To place other fixture types, repeat the above steps for each type.
    • Attention: Fixtures intended for tracking must not hang directly over the Space. When placing moving fixtures that are to follow Trackables, it is recommended that fixtures are not hung directly above the Space. Fixtures hung above the Space may run into pan and tilt range limitations when attempting to follow a Trackable.

Fixtures On Pipe Fixtures placed on a pipe