Frame Calibration View

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The Frame Calibration View allows the user to construct Frames from existing beacons and their LEDs. Frames can be either Rigid of Soft. Rigid Frames are objects that are solid, or objects that will not change shape such as a table or box. Soft Frames are objects that can change shape, or flexible objects that move such as a person or inflatable object. Both Rigid and Soft Frames can be created from the Frame Calibration view, however, each has different requirements.

Rigid Frames

Rigid Frames require a minimum of 3 visible LEDs to be created and tracked. If less than 3 LEDs are visible at any point, the Rigid Frame will stop being tracked. A Rigid Frame can be composed of several beacons/LEDs. If a Rigid Frame is composed of more than 3 LEDs and one LED is hidden or removed, the centroid will remain static relative to the visible LEDs. The centroid can be rotated and moved around using offsets. That information is saved in the project file.

Soft Frames

Soft Frames are similar to Rigid Frames and only require a single LED to be created and tracked. You can also create Soft Frames with multiple LEDs. If a Soft Frame is composed of a single LED and the LED is hidden or removed, then the Frame will no longer be tracked. If a Soft Frame has multiple LEDs and a single LED becomes hidden or is removed, tracking will continue but shift to follow the centroid of the remaining LEDs. You can not offset the centroid of a Soft Frame, and no orientation data is calculated.