ELC Node Settings

ELC DLN8GBX and DLN8GBXSL Nodes from ELC Lighting must be configured to work with your BlackTrax system.

DLN8GBX and DLN8GBXSL Nodes must be run a minimum firmware version of 1.28.

Attention: The following chart is a guide that outlines how each variable should be set. Each BlackTrax event is unique. There are circumstances where these settings would need to be modified based on factors such as rig, cabling, and patching.

DMX Port (#)Port ModeOutputThe DMX Port settings need to be configured for each port in use, e.g. if Port 1 is in use, DMX Port 1 must be configured.
 PrimaryArt-Net or sACN (#)The Art-Net number needs to correspond to the DMX universe as assigned by the console.
ELC DLN8GBX and DLNGBXSL Nodes start numbering universes at "0.0", e.g. 0.0 = Universe 0, 0. = Universe 1.
sACN does not follow the same logic as Art-Net. In sACN 1 = Universe 1.
 ResendN/ALeave this setting blank.
 Universe(*)The universe number must be the same as assigned by the lighting console.
 Channel(*)Free DMX channel not used by another DMX device. This channel will be used to control the merging value between BlackTrax and the lighitng console.
Network settingsDynamicOFF 
 IP Address(*)Free IP address not used by another device.