System Log

Data collected from events which occur in the Device Manager, such as system messages, configuration changes, and other events can be displayed in the System Log widget. This information can be saved into a separate file for review later.

The System Log widget displays the date and time of the event, type of data, and the information.

SystemLog Beta  

In the System Log widget, the checkboxes available to choose what and how messages are displayed or logged.

  • Warnings/Errors Only: Select this checkbox to log and display only the notifications that indicate errors that occurred or predictive warnings.
  • To File: Select this checkbox to record all Device Manager data and events into a remote file, marked with the current date and time. This file is saved at "C:\bt_run_time\Device Manager".
  • Auto Scroll: Select this checkbox to automatically scroll to the most recent data or event that has occurred.
  • Clear: Click this button to clear all messages.