Device Manager Configuration

The Device Manager Configuration widget is where you can configure the settings for the Device Manager application, such as Beacon LED Bit Pattern, Radio Status, and the Charging Station Network Address.

DM DeviceManagerConfiguration  

To configure the settings of the device manager

  1. From the Settings menu of the Device Manager, choose Device Manager Configuration.
    • Result: The Device Manager Configuration window appears.
  2. On the LED Bit Pattern scroll box in the Device Manager Configuration window, select the LED Bit Type that will apply to the Beacons connected to the Device Manager.
    • Attention: Beacon LEDs are identified by flashing a specific bit code unique to that LED. Higher Beacon indexes can be created with the higher bit codes (thus more Beacons) which will add more latency to the system. A real system is based on 12-bits.
  3. Select the Radio On checkbox to indicate when a device is connected that its radio should stay on. Radio On checkbox is clear by default.
  4. The jump settings scroll box displays how the Device Manager behaves when a new device is connected to the Charging Station. These jump settings are accessible in Advanced Mode.
    • No Jump: By default, the device will apply whatever it's firmware is set to.
    • Jump to Bootloader: Device Manager sets the device to jump to its bootloader.
    • Jump to Main Firmware: Device Manager sets the device to jump to the main firmware.
  5. On the CS NIC Address scroll box, select the address for the Network Interface Card for the Charging Station that is connected to the BlackTrax System. Charging Stations are locked to the 10.133.5.x network.