Defining a Common Origin in BTWYSIWYG

Origin Introduction

Most objects in BTWYSIWYG are drawn as 3D objects, with width, depth, and height values using the Cartesian coordinate system of 3 working axes, X, Y, and Z. The point where the 3 axes meet is called the origin and the value of X, Y, and Z is 0 respectively (0,0,0).

By default, the origin will be in the center of the WYSIWYG project. This default origin is called the Document Origin. It is possible to move the origin from its default location to a new position. This origin is called the User Origin.

Document Origin CAD CAD mode with a frame representing the default origin 


Origin Requirements

  • The location of the origin is recommended to be inside the Space.
  • The origin should be easy to see and determine in the Physical Space.
  • The origin in the Physical Space needs to be visible to at least 2 BTSensors for BTSensor calibration to function.
  • The location of the origin needs to be consistent. The origin needs to be the same in the BTWYSIWYG virtual Space, in Motive, in the Physical Space and any Third Party Programs connected to BlackTrax. Inconsistencies will cause errors in the BTSystem and any connected downstream technologies.
  • The alignment of the ground plane in relation to the axes needs to be the same in the BTWYSIWYG virtual Space, in Motive, and in the Physical Space. It is recommended that the following conventions are followed when aligning the origin:
    • The +Y axis directed Upstage.
    • The +X axis is directed Stage Left.
    • The +Z axis is directed vertically towards the ceiling.


Ruler Tool

The Ruler Tool helps you design your show file in the Wireframe views of the CAD mode, providing a visual aid for coordinate reference and measurement. By default, the ruler is aligned with the document origin and displays coordinate information along the top and left side of the view. Its scale matches the default grid scale. The ruler has different colors to represent different axes (X=Red, Y=Green, Z=Blue).

Ruler X X Axis Ruler

Ruler Y Y Axis Ruler

Ruler Z Z Axis Ruler


Ruler Icons

Document OriginThe document origin icon appears when the Ruler’s zero position (origin) is aligned with the Document Origin, which is set by default to be the center point of the BTWYSIWYG venue defined for the event.

Document Origin Document Origin Icon

User OriginThe user origin icon appears when you have set a new User Origin for the file.

User Origin User Origin Icon