DMX/Ethernet Node for Tracking with Moving Lights

Table of contents:  

Merging Channel:

  • The merging channel is a single DMX channel that is patched into your lighting console to enable the control of moving fixtures from BlackTrax.
  • The merging channel can be a dimmer channel that controls intensity fading between BlackTrax and the lighting console, or as a simple non-dim On/Off control.
  • The merging channel must be patched in your console and set as the trigger channel in your merge node.
  • When the merging channel is at full (100%) intensity, BlackTrax has complete control over the channels connected to the BlackTrax project. When the merging channel is at zero (0) intensity, the lighting console has full control over the channels in the BlackTrax project.
  • In the Project Properties widget in BlackTrax, you can activate and set the monitoring of the Merge Channel that was set in your merge node.