Creating a BTWYSIWYG Project

Creating a BTWYG Project from BlackTrax

When a new BlackTrax project is launched from the Portfolio Manager for the first time, a new BTWYG project associated with the launched BlackTrax project is automatically created and opens by default.

When a new BTWYG project is created from BlackTrax, all necessary settings and configurations are automatically applied to that new BTWYG project. These template projects simplify the setup process for BTWYG on new installations.

Creating and launching the new BTWYG project from the BlackTrax Portfolio Manager will automatically start BTWYG in a state that is ready for BlackTrax use.

In the Editing section of the System Configuration widget in BlackTrax, you can set the BTWYG file to automatically open after the associated BlackTrax file launches from the Portfolio Manager. For more information about editing, see Editing section.


  • We recommend to create and launch the new BTWYG project from the BlackTrax Portfolio Manager, which is more convenient than to create the new project and settings manually in BTWYG.
  • You can also launch the BTWYG file associated with a BlackTrax project via the BTWYG option under the Modules menu.


Creating a New BTWYG Project in BTWYG

The New command creates a new show document and will be saved as a ".wyg" file. 

To create a new BTWYG project

  1. In BTWYG, on the Welcome Screen, click File to choose New.
    • Result: The BTWYG opens a new show file in CAD.

BTwygWelcome47  BTWYG Welcome Screen