Calibration Kit functions

BlackTrax Calibration Kit Functions

The Calibration Kit is used for calibrating the BTSensors and Lighting Fixtures position in the Space. The function of each equipment in the Kit are:

  1. The Wand Head is attached to the Wand Handle and connected to the Power Supply Unit.
  2. When you move the Wand Head inside the Space, the BTSensors look for active LEDs located on the Wand Head.
  3. When multiple BTSensors see the LEDs on the Wand Head, the BTSystem is able to generate a measurement point for BTSensor calibration.
  4. BTSensors use the measurement point data to determine their position relative to each other.
  5. The Ground Plane is connected to the Power Supply Unit and placed in the designated origin of the Space.
  6. The Ground Plane LEDs are used in the BlackTrax system to calculate the BTSensor positions relative to the origin and the orientation of the Cartesian axes.
  7. The Lighting Calibration Wand is used for fixture calibration.
  8. The Lighting Calibration Wand can be attached to a BTBeacon instead of a Stringer to extend the range of a BTBeacon LEDs. This is used to calibrate fixtures in areas that are difficult to reach.