Calibrating Sensors

You can launch Motive in the Calibration configuration from the center pane of the Sensor Calibration View.

To launch Motive sensor calibration

  1. On the center pane of Sensor Calibration View, click the Sensor Calibration button.
    • Result: The save and launch message dialog box appears.                                                            Calibration Message  
    • Note: The step in the dialog box is optional. Motive will ask you to export your calibration file (.cal) when calibration is complete.
  2. Click OK.
    • Result:
      • All BTSensors are set to Infrared Spectrum and Object Mode.
      • All BTSensors' Exposure are automatically set to 2000.
      • All BTSensors' Gain are automatically set to 4.
      • All BTSensors are automatically set to 100 FPS.
      • Active Marker Labeling is set to False.
      • Reconstruction bounds are disabled.
      • BlackTrax disconnects from BTNet.
      • The calibration and profile files in the Portfolio are copied over to Motive and used by Motive to boot up.
      • In BlackTrax, a dialog box appears asking to wait for calibration to finish before proceeding to reconnect to BTNet and the BTSensors.                                                        Calibration Continue Message  
  3. Motive opens in Calibration preset layout with only the 2D viewport and Sensor Calibration View is active.                                                                                                                                                               Motive Calibration View2 5  
  4. When the calibration process is complete and the ground plane is set, close Motive.
    • Result: The calibration file is saved in the system.
  5. On the message dialog box in BlackTrax, click OK.
    • Result:
      • The saved calibration file is copied to the Project Folder and archived.
      • The BTNet connection is re-established and set in Tracking mode.
      • Active Marker Labeling is set to True.
      • Residual is set to 15 mm.
    • Note: If you try to close BlackTrax during this process, you will not have the option to cancel because the process is linear and must complete.