Calibrating BTSensors from a Recording

Each time you calibrate the BTSensors in Motive, the software automatically starts the recording of the wanding. You can use this recording to re-wand the space virtually, without the need of physically wanding again. This can be used to try different calibration settings or in the event that wanding was finished but calibration was not completed. 

Calibration from a recording will treat the system as it was during the recording. If BTSensors have moved since the recording, the results will not be accurate to the real Space (regardless of the calibration result).

Motive 2 and 2.2

To calibrate from a recording

  1. In Motive, change the layout to Recording preset. From the Layout menu, choose Recording.
    • Tip: You may click the drop-down box at the right-hand side of the main toolbar and click Recording from the drop-down menu of layout presets.
  2. To open the previous recording that you want to use, double-click the ".tak" file from the list in the Data window.
    • Result: Motive enters EDIT mode, and the Status Bar changes to EDIT mode functions and the timeline of the recording is displayed.
  3. From the View menu, choose Camera Calibration Pane.
  4. In the Camera Calibration window, ensure your wand settings match the previous wanding that was applied. Choose to do a Full or Refine calibration type.
    • Note: If the source recording was a Full calibration type, you must select Full calibration type again.
  5. In the Camera Calibration window, click Start Wanding to begin the calibration process.
    • Result: Motive scans the recording for the selected samples. After a few seconds, Motive returns the same samples, and you can calculate the result as with a normal calibration.
  6. On the Status Bar, click LIVE to return the system to LIVE mode.
  7. Set your ground plane as per normal.
    • Note: This step is only required if Full calibration type was selected.