Best Practices for Moving Fixture Placement

To obtain precise tracking in BlackTrax, the limitations of moving fixtures must be taken into account. The following section will guide you through known limitations of moving fixtures in BlackTrax and provide smart practices used to overcome these limits.

Attention: Do not place fixtures that will track directly above the Space.

A number of issues can occur if fixtures are directly above the Space. If fixtures are placed above the Space and are following a Trackable which moves in a circular path underneath, this can cause fixtures to spiral and reach a pan stop.

Note: BlackTrax has a feature where if a fixture pan-flips, the fixture will dim while performing the flip. This is in place to reduce the disruption caused by the pan-flip during operation.


  • Prediction algorithms can be selected when tracking to try and achieve specific tracking needs. For more information, see Fixture Sensitivity.
  • To avoid these problems, it is recommended that moving fixtures are instead placed in front, behind, or on the sides of the Space. This will limit the range of both pan and tilt movement needed by fixtures to follow a Trackable and avoid these potential problems.
  • If tracking must occur below a fixture, a possible solution is to hang the fixture sideways.