Before Using BlackTrax

BlackTrax 2.5 is a 64-bit software installed by default at C:\Program Files\CAST Software\BlackTrax. BlackTrax versions below 2.5 are 32-bit software installed by default at C:\Program Files (x86)\CAST Software\BlackTrax.

BlackTrax WYSIWYG 64-bit is installed by default at C:\Program Files\CAST Software\BlackTrax WYSIWYG and BlackTrax WYSIWYG 32-bit is installed by default at C:\Program Files (x86)\CAST Software\BlackTrax WYSIWYG Version 2.

Basic requirements

To ensure that you can track and use the BlackTrax System, the following steps must be set beforehand.

  1. Hang and focus BTSensors in the physical space. The BTSystem needs to be physically installed in the Space. See BTSystem Hardware Configuration for more information.
  2. Configure and calibrate BTSensors to inform the BTSystem on how to track and share positional information with other components. See Calibrating a BTSensor for more information.
  3. For lighting tracking, create a file in BTWYSIWYG with an origin and the corresponding lighting fixtures. A ".wyg" file provides BlackTrax with information on Trackables, Fixtures and Space dimensions. From a ".wyg" file, you can either generate a ".btx" file or send the necessary information directly between programs. See Creating a .btx file in BTWYSIWYG for more information.
  4. A BTWYSIWYG template file comes with 12 Trackables premade. If you are not using a BTWYSIWYG template, you need to create the Trackables. Ensure to patch your Trackables to a motion universe, and the motion universe is assigned to a BlackTrax Device in BTWYSIWYG's Device Manager in LIVE mode.