BTX Dongle

Embedded inside each BTServer is a BTX dongle which serves two principal uses. The primary function of a dongle is to act as a key. The dongle is the only way that BlackTrax software will open and operate. The dongle has dynamic embedded information that controls the level of the software you can open/use, as well as the expiry date of the Membership Period. A BTX Dongle grants the server access to the BlackTrax software package as well as a custom version of WYSIWYG for BlackTrax. The expiry date for the BTX dongle is set for April, 2021.

Secondly, a dongle is a security device used by CAST to prevent unauthorized use of the software and protects an End User's work as well as their investment in the Product.

Attention: Windows Remote Desktop Connection should not be used with a BlackTrax system. Security measures on the BTX dongle will prevent it from working. Users should use TeamViewer or VNC if remote access to a BTServer is required.