BTWYG Introduction

BTWYSIWYG is an award-winning program that offers lighting designers a customized 3D CAD, reporting and pre-visualization application which is included in the BlackTrax software suite. Using BTWYSIWYG will let you create a virtual representation of the Space.

BTWYSIWYG exports this information as a ".btx" file, which is then used by BlackTrax as a blueprint for tracking in the Space. If you are tracking with moving fixtures, fixture position and patching must also be included in the ".btx" file.

When connected to BlackTrax, BTWYSIWYG can act as a visualizer for what is happening in the Space. Trackable and fixture movement can be fully simulated, using information from BlackTrax or other data sources.

The following section on BTWYSIWYG covers only the features directly related to BlackTrax. For an in-depth understanding of BTWYSIWYG and its full capabilities, please refer to the current WYSIWYG Reference Guide.

Tip: A registered BlackTrax Expert can be consulted to assist with any portion of a BlackTrax project, including transferring information from BTWYSIWYG to BlackTrax.