BTSmart Charger

BTSmart Charger Diagram



Size and Weight

  • Case: Steel 
  • Width: 36 cm (14.2”)
  • Height: 9.6 cm (3.8”)
  • Depth: 17.2 cm (6.8”) 
  • Weight: 2200 g (77.6 oz)


Input/Output & Power

  • Data: Ethernet, USB
  • Power: 20 Watt
  • Voltage range: 100V - 240V

Note: BTSmart Charger Rev 6 is built with a momentary contact type power button with the blue LED that will light up only after the "boot up" is complete. To turn the device power off, press the power button, then wait until the blue LED light turns off before you disconnect from the power source. 


BTSmart Charger Functions

The BTSmart Charger is a device used to recharge the battery of a BTBeacon. BTBeacons are connected to the BTSmart Charger using the BTBeacon’s USB port. While connected, the BTSystem can read the status of the battery, regulate charging and maximize battery life. The BTSmart Charger can hold a maximum of 6 BTBeacons at one time.


BTSmart Charger Configurations

The BTSmart Charger can be configured to either be horizontal and sit flat on a desk, or be vertical and be mounted on a wall. 


Horizontal Configuration Diagram