BTSensor Aim Assist Feature

BTSensors have an Aim Assist button to help with aiming BTSensors. When you press the Aim Assist button, the BTSensor video feed is selected and prominently displayed in Motive. The BTSensor video feed changes to show the Space in the visible spectrum, and the exposure increases to brighten the image. This helps aiming the BTSensors correctly. Pressing the Aim Assist button a second time will return the BTSensor’s video feed to its previous settings.

To toggle aim assist on BTSensor

With the BTSensor connected to the BTSystem, and with Motive operating, press the Aim Assist button on the BTSensor.

Result: In Motive, the BTSensor will be selected and its live video feed prominently displayed. The BTSensor’s video feed will be toggled between its current settings and Aim Assist mode.

Aim Assist location

Aim Assist