BTBeacon Lithium-Ion Battery Information

The BTBeacon contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is used to power the device. Improper use of a lithium-ion battery can result in fire or serious injury. Please read and understand the following general warnings on lithium-ion batteries.

General Warnings

  • Do not place the battery near fire, heaters, other high temperature locations, or apply heat to the device.
  • Do not pierce the battery with any sharp objects, strike with heavy objects, or otherwise damage the casing.
  • Do not expose the battery to water or any other type of liquid, or allow the device to get wet.
  • Never short-circuit, damage or heat the battery to approximately 60°C (140°F) ±.
  • If the lithium-ion battery does catch fire, it may burn even more violently if it comes into contact with water or moisture in the air. DO NOT THROW WATER ON A BURNING BATTERY OR ITS LITHIUM-ION BATTERY! A fire extinguisher must be used.

Shipping Information

When transporting lithium-ion batteries, the following regulatory guidelines are followed:

  • Section II of Packing Instructions 965 for Lithium Ion Battery Pack.
  • UN manual of Tests and Criteria, Part III, sub-section 38.3 (withstanding a 1.2M Drop Test).
  • The content of Lithium is less than 100Wh per battery.
  • The quantity per package is less then 10kg (gross) for UN3480. Thus the consignment is not classified as dangerous goods.