ArtGate Node Settings

DMX nodes of the ArtGate family of models must be configured to work with your BlackTrax system.

Attention: The following guide outlines how each variable should be set for use with BlackTrax. Each BlackTrax event is unique. There are circumstances where these settings need to be modified based on factors such as the rig, cabling and patching.

Setup the node through a web interface, or setup the node through a BlackTrax server. Please ensure your IP settings match that of the node(s) you wish to configure.

To configure a node

  1. To navigate to the ArtGate model's web interface, enter the IP address of the node in your browser window.
    • Result: The Main Settings window of the ArtGate model appears.                                               ArtGateMain  
  2. On the Main tab, scroll down to the Ports section.
  3. For each DMX port that you want to use:
    1. Set Mode/merging column to Out/ComXFade.
    2. Set Pri.unv.protocol column to the desired protocol (Art-Net or sACN).
    3. Set the Pri.unv.number column to the desired universe.
    4. Set the Sec.unv.protocol to RTTrPL.
    5. Set the Sec.unv.number to the corresponding RTTrPL universe.
  4. Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click the Advanced tab on the main toolbar at the top of the page.
    • Result: The Advanced port settings window appears.                                      ArtGateAdvanced  
  6. Scroll down to the Advanced Port Settings section.
  7. For each DMX port that you set on the Main tab:
    1. Set the Trigger/XFade unv.protocol column to the desired protocol for the merge channel (Art-Net or sACN).
    2. Set the Trigger/XFade unv.number column to the universe which contains the merge channel.
    3. Set the Common Trigger/XFade control channel to the chosen DMX merge channel in the above universe.
  8. Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.


  • RTTrPL universes start from universe 0 instead of 1.
  • Information updated as per ArtGate Pro firmware version 4.06.