Active Outputs

The Active Outputs section displays the list of output connections that are detected by the BlackTrax System. The connection settings and output statuses for every active module can be monitored via the Active Output table. 

ActiveOutputs Active Outputs section

  • Enable checkbox: Select the checkbox to enable the active output connection and determine if the connection is sending data externally.
    • Note: When the number of active outputs exceed your system's license, the warning dialog box appears prompting for you to click OK to disable a selected output or click Disable All and turn off all other outputs. A selected output that is within the number of Licensed Outputs will be enabled.
  • Label: The unique name of the active module that you specified for the BTSystem.
  • Type: The type of data protocol being sent to the selected module.
  • Output NIC: The IP address where the output is being sent through from the selected active module.
  • Communication: The type of connection, such as multicast, unicast or broadcast.
  • Details: The target IP address where the output data will be sent to.
  • Status: Connection status of the detected module.
  • Enable All: Select this checkbox to enable all active output connections and display if all the licensed outputs are sending output data externally from the server.
    • Note: The Enable All checkbox is not available if the number of output connections displayed in the table exceed the number of Licensed Outputs authorized for the BlackTrax system.
  • Add: Click this button to add a new active output connection.
  • Delete: Click this button to delete an active output connection.
    • Note: Deleting an output marks it for deletion and it will be deleted when the user clicks Apply Changes next. As a general rule, click Apply Changes to apply all changes that you set  in Output Configuration.