Main Toolbar in Live View

MainToolbarLiveView V232  

MainToolbar in Edit View


Main Toolbar in Calibration View > Fixture View

MainToolbarCalibrationFixtureView V232  

Main Toolbar in Calibration View > Frame View

MainToolbarCalibrationFrameView V232  

View Toolbar

ViewToolbar V232  

View and Sub-View Toolbar

ViewSubViewToolbar V232  

There are three toolbars in the BlackTrax GUI: Main, Views, and Sub-Views. 

  • Main: On top of the left side, contains basic operations such as saving , as well as common functions found throughout the software such as Reset View, Beacon Patch, and a fullscreen option. On the right side, you have access to the most used docking widgets found in your current view. The right side of the toolbar will change depending on which view you are currently in.
  • Views: The ability to change between the three core views: Live, Edit, and Calibration.
  • Sub-Views: Sub-views are available for the Calibration View. Each sub-view offers functions related to a specific type of calibration.