System Status Widget

2.5 update  System Status Widget

System Status displays the connection status, and data information for Tracker, Follower, Tracking Adapter outputs, and Stage path location. You can click Alt+S on the keyboard to launch the System Status widget. System Status checks for any RTTrPM outputs when the widget opens, and if so, a pop-up dialog appears before opening and displays the text Analyzing System...Please Wait.... You may click on the Cancel button to abort the operation, otherwise the pop-up dialog appears for one minute. If you decide to skip the system being analysed, the widget will still be displayed, however any output latency will display as "No Information" in Red.

Analyzing System System Status pop-up dialog box

Each connection has the following information.


  • Tracker
    • Motive
      • Internal input from Motive for motion data
    • Router
      • Input from physical Router for battery and button pushes from Beacons
    • Tracking Adapter Output
      • Internal output to Tracking Adapter(s)
  • Follower
    • Motion
      • Internal input from Tracker for motion data
    • DMX in
      • Input from a lighting console for sACN/Art-Net
    • BTWYG
      • Internal output to BTWYG for lighting visualization
    • RTTrPL
      • Output to a DMX Merge node for sending to a physical lighting system
  • Tracking Adapter
    • Traker Input
      • Internal input from Tracker for motion data
    • RTTrPM
      • Output to a third party using the RTTrPM protocol
  • Stage
    • Profile XML
      • Path location of the Motive profile
    • Current Calibration
      • Path location of the calibration data of the current project.

Status: Connected/Disconnected at time of System Status being launched.

Packets: Number of Packets sent at time of the System Status being launched.

Data Sending: Yes/No depending on if packets are increasing.

Note: (Follower only. Displays DMX in Source.)

The System Status widget will also analyze and display the output latency in milliseconds of any Tracking Adapter outputs running at the time of launching the widget. To accurately determine system latency, the system needs to be measured over a full minute. Latency does not account for any latency within Motive, from Stringer to BTSensor, or the network to the Third Party.

Latency will increase slightly with more active Beacons, so when using this tool, ensure all Beacons you wish to measure are actively tracking before starting the test.