Settings Menu

Settings 231 Settings Menu


The Settings menu contains links to all the widgets that contain settings for the software, the current project or the option to change between Chapter or Book mode.

  • Output Configuration: The Output Configuration widget displays the active tracking output data from the Output Modules and Trackable Settings as a result of the tracking operation in BlackTrax.
  • Project Properties: In Project Properties, you will find settings and information of the current project such as the show name, author, and description (all editable), and the settings that will change the DMX input for Chapter Control Channel, Book Control Channel, and the Merging Channel.
    • Chapter
      • Universe: Specifies the universe used for Book and Chapter Control Channels
      • Book Control ChannelThe Book Control Channel specifies the DMX channel which will be used to trigger Book changes from a lighting console in a Multi Book Project.
      • Chapter Control ChannelThe Chapter Control Channel specifies the DMX channel which will be used to trigger Chapter changes from a lighting console.
    • Merging Channel
      • Enable Monitoring: When this checkbox is enabled the current DMX value of the Merging Channel will be displayed in the Status Bar.
      • Universe: Specifies the universe used for the Merging Channel.
      • Merging Channel: ​​​The Merging Channel is just a monitoring channel and does not control the merging channel. The Merging Channel must be set in the merge node and monitored from the GUI.
  • System Configuration: In System Configuration, you will find settings that will change the software behaviors (such as Fixture Calibration behavior, warning prompts, and autofocus behavior going to BTWYG).
  • Reset Settings: The ability to reset Blacktrax, Motive or BT Engine settings to their original manufacturer settings. During the reset, all tracking operations will pause momentarily.
  • Change Book Mode: Click on the Change Book Mode to switch BlackTrax between Standard Chapters (no Books) mode or Extended Chapters (with Books) mode.