Sensor Calibration View

Sensor Calibration View WIth Sync 2 5 Sensor Calibration View

Note: Access to the Sensor Calibration View menu is available only if the Legacy Mode checkbox in the Sensor section of the System Configuration widget is not selected. The Sensor Calibration View does not appear if the Legacy Mode checkbox is selected. The Legacy Mode checkbox is selected by default when BlackTrax opens for the first time. For more information on Legacy Mode, see Sensors Section in System Configuration. Legacy Mode is only accessible in BlackTrax 2.5.0 and newer versions.


The Sensor Calibration View is where you manage Sensor settings from Motive within BlackTrax.

The Sensor Calibration View consists of:

  • The Sensor View in the center pane, where you can view and monitor the output from BTSensors (grayscale or 2D tracking data), control sensor settings, enter RAW Mode to focus individual BTSensors, and launch Motive for BTSensor calibration.
  • The Sensor Groups widget, where the sensor groupings are displayed, and group settings can be selected and configured.
  • The Sensor List widget, where individual Sensors can be selected and renumbered.

Connecting to Sensors in BTNet

After opening a BlackTrax project, you need to activate and connect to the BTSensors in the BlackTrax network (BTNet).

To connect BTSensors

Use the BTNet Active/BTNet Disabled slider button on the left-hand side of the Status Bar to activate and connect to the sensors in the BlackTrax Network.

  • Result:
    • On the Status Bar, the slider displays BTNet Active, and FPS status appears to indicate the active connection. (SYNC) will only appear if the BTSensors are being synced when connected.
    • The Sensor icon on the right-hand side of the Status Bar displays the number of BTSensors connected.
    • The connected BTSensors appear automatically on the Sensor Calibration View.