Output Options

The Output Options section is where Trackable data that is being sent can be altered.

Attention: The settings affect Output Modules that are sending data from BlackTrax, and applies to RTTrPM outputs.

Trackable Settings tab: Set tracking smoothing response for a single or multiple trackables. The Smoothing option is enabled when Acceleration and Velocity in the Output Modules is selected.

OutputOptionsTrackableSettings  Trackable Settings tab

  • Smoothing: Set how fluid the XYZ values of the Trackable become.
    • Use the slider and the scroll box to adjust the range of fluidity from Smooth to Responsive, to set the range between -4 to +2. Both slider and the scroll box correspond to the same perimeter.
    • A more smoothed Trackable will result in less jitter going to the third party, and can help smooth out less than ideal calibrated volumes, but it will introduce a slight delay as well.

To set the smoothing response of a selected trackable

  1. On the Output Modules tab, select the Acceleration and Velocity checkbox and clear the Output Raw Position checkbox.
    • Result: Smoothing is enabled on the Trackable Settings tab.
  2. On the Sending Trackables section, select a single or multiple Trackable(s).
  3. On the Trackable Settings tab, use the Smooth to Responsive slider or click the scroll box to set the range of fluidity between -4 to +2.
    • Result: The smoothing range that was set is displayed in the Smoothing column of the Sending Trackables section.

Output Modules tab: Select which data to send through the selected output module.

OutputOptionsOutputModules Output Modules tab

  • Send: Select the checkboxes to choose the output connection data that will be sent through.
    • LED: Select this checkbox to send BTBeacon LED data.
    • Centroid: Select this checkbox to send BTBeacon Centroid data.
    • Orientation: Select this checkbox to send BTBeacon orientation data.
    • Timestamps: When enabled, the Frame ID generated by the TimeKeeper is used as a time stamp.
    • Acceleration and Velocity: Select this checkbox to send centroid and/or LED position acceleration and velocity data.
      • Note: The Smoothing option on the Trackable Settings tab is enabled when Acceleration and Velocity checkbox is selected.
    • Output Raw Position: Select this checkbox to turn off the filter that is used for the acceleration and velocity data that was sent.
      • Notes:
        • Acceleration and velocity data is not 100% accurate due to inaccuracies that can occur, such as BTSensor jitter, poor BTSensor calibration, reflections and IR interference. This creates imperfect data or noise. Filtering the data is a way to correct any noise that enters the data.
        • Enabling Output Raw Position, or disabling Acceleration and Velocity will de-activate the smoothing slider from the Trackable Settings tab.