Layout Presets in Motive

Custom preset layouts in Motive were created for BlackTrax and set as preset layouts which can be restored quickly from the Layout menu or from the Main Toolbar drop-down menu. The custom preset layouts for BlackTrax are:

Layout PresetDescriptionKeyboard Shortcut
RunningOpens the windows that will be used when a BlackTrax project is running.CTRL+1
AimingOpens the windows that will be used for the aiming of BTSensors.CTRL+2
CalibrationOpens the windows that will be used for the configuration of BTSensors.CTRL+3
ConfigurationOpens the windows that will be used for the configuration of a BlackTrax project.CTRL+4
RecordingOpens the windows that will be used for the recording of motion data in a BlackTrax project.CTRL+5

The GUI layout in Motive can be customized. All windows can be docked and undocked from the GUI. Each window can be positioned and organized by drag-and-drop using the on-screen docking indicators. Windows may float, dock, or stack. Windows form a tabbed window when stacked together. The custom layouts in Motive can be saved and loaded, allowing for the quick switching between default and custom configurations suitable for different needs.


  • All Layout Presets will load in Motive if BlackTrax is in Legacy Mode.
  • The Calibration Layout Preset will be the only Layout Preset available in Motive if BlackTrax is not in Legacy Mode. For more information on Legacy Mode, see Sensors Section of System Configuration in BlackTrax GUI.
  • Layout configurations from older versions will not load in Motive 2.

To restore a preset layout

  1. In Motive, click the drop-down box at the right-hand side of the main toolbar and click the layout preset from the drop-down menu of layout presets.
    • Result: Motive opens the preset windows in the selected layout.
    • Tip: You can also restore a particular layout from the Layout menu.