Fixture Settings Widget

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The Fixture Settings widget is where you configure how fixtures interact with Trackables in a specific chapter. Fixture Settings is separated into four tab sections: Basic, Offset, Auto Spot and Zones.  The tabs will be explained in detail in the following pages.

FixtureSettingsBasic242  Fixture Settings - Basic tab

You can select a single fixture, or multiple fixtures in the center pane of Edit View to have Fixture Settings display the collective settings. In multi-fixture selection, there is always an 'active' fixture, which displays its current settings in the Fixture Settings widget. The active fixture is indicated by the name and spot ID of the fixture at the top of the Fixture Settings widget.

When you select multiple fixtures, any differences between fixtures will be highlighted in blue. For example: Spot 1 has a zoom setting of 1m and Spot 2 has a zoom setting of 2m. When you select both fixtures, the text box will highlight blue to indicate a difference between the two selected fixtures.

If you select a conventional fixture and a moving fixture at the same time, the settings of the active fixture will be displayed. Changes to moving fixture settings that do not apply to conventional fixtures will be ignored during multi-select for incompatible fixtures.

FixtureSettingsBasic242 Multiple  Fixture settings - Basic tab (With multiple fixtures selected, differences highlighted and Intensity Control features marked.)

Moving Fixtures

Moving Head and Moving Mirror are Moving Fixtures. All settings available in the Basic, Offset, Auto Spot and Zones tabs of the Fixture Settings widget are applicable to Moving Fixtures.

Conventional Fixtures

Conventional fixtures and non-moving LED fixtures are Conventional Fixtures. BTWYSIWYG sends conventional fixtures to BlackTrax, which can be assigned to Trackables and Chapters with reduced functionality settings.

Settings in the Fixture Settings widget that are disabled in conventional fixtures:

  • Pan-Flip
  • Following Sensitivity
  • Offset
  • Auto Spot

Settings in the Fixture Settings widget that are available in conventional fixtures:

  • Smooth Pickups
  • Auto Douse
  • LED Following Settings (Centroid, LED 1, LED 2, LED 3)
  • Zones